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Queens Man Killed by Model Helicopter

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Lauren Lopez4 years ago

The recent death of a Queens resident has drawn attention to the dangers involved with flying model helicopters.

About the New York Model Helicopter Accident

  • According an article in the New York Times, 19 year-old Roman Pirozek Jr. was fatally injured by a remote-controlled model helicopter he was operating.  
  • Pirozek, a resident of Queens, New York, was known in his community as a radio-controlled model helicopter enthusiast, as well as very accomplished in extreme flying. 
  • Pirozek’s father, also an enthusiast and avid flier, was at the scene when his son was killed.

Injuries Sustained in the Model Helicopter Accident

Mr. Pirozek was fatally injured at Calvert Vaux Park, a popular park for fellow enthusiasts, when he attempted to do a trick with his model helicopter, lost control and was struck in both the skull and throat by the 62-in rotor blade that served as a propeller.

Model Helicopter Dangers

“Alot of people think they are toys, but these really aren't toys. These are high-performance models and the can be very dangerous.” – Butch Wellbeck, model helicopter enthusiast as published by the New York Times

  • Fatal accidents involving model helicopters are rare, but these models are in fact dangerous and at times unpredictable.
  • In Switzerland, a fatality was reported in July when a man was found dead with cuts to his arms and legs.
  • A model aircraft instructor in Texas was killed when his student lost control of the craft. The cause of death was deep cut to the instructor’s throat.
  • Among some social media websites, filers will share the injuries they harbor from flying their model aircrafts. The dangers of these crafts are heightened when the model is not built properly or the remote signal is faulty, so extreme caution must be taken when operating them.
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