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Reading Scheduled for Proposed Cell Phone Use Ordinance in Corpus Christi

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Jarod Cassidy4 years ago

Corpus Christi residents may face further restrictions on cell phone use while driving as Police Chief Floyd Simpson hopes to be enforcing a new ordinance by November to help combat distracted driving.

Corpus Christi Police Chief Speaks on Cell Phone Ordinance

“We’re not putting a complete ban on cell phones, but rather we want to treat the entire city like a school zone.” Corpus Christi Police Chief Floyd Simpson as reported by the Caller-Times

  • Currently, Corpus Christi drivers are prohibited from using their cell phones while traveling in a school zone unless the driver is using a hands free device.
  • The new ordinance being introduced would extend the prohibition beyond school zones, affecting drivers across the city.
  • The goal of the ordinance is to reduce distracted driving which may have contributed to the 17 deaths in traffic-related accidents that have occurred this year.
  • Chief Simpson reminds residents that cell phone use would still be allowed in if the driver is reporting a crime, an accident or a medical emergency.

Current Schedule for the Corpus Christi Cell Phone Ordinance

  • It was announced Tuesday by Chief Simpson that the ordinance will have its first reading next week. A second reading is scheduled for October 8.
  • These dates are subject to change as City Council agenda will not be finalized until Friday.
  • Chief Simpson has stated that enforcement of the ordinance is planned to begin in November.
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