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Recalled Supplements Being Sold Online

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Brigitte Barrera3 years ago

A new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) shows that recalled supplements are being sold and are dangerous to consumers.

About The Supplement Study

In the research, 27 supplements were found to be available for sale online during the summer of 2013.  All 27 supplements had been recalled sometime between 2009 and 2012.

The majority of supplements were for the purpose of sexual enhancement, weightloss, or athletic ability enhancement.

9 of the 27 supplements were found not to have any type of pharmaceuticals; however, approximately 67% of the supplements had one or more pharmaceuticals. Such chemicals were found to be closely related to those used in drugs such as Viagra or Meridia. Meridia was recalled due to heart attack and stroke risks.

85% of the supplements fell under the category of sport enhancement or bodybuilding supplements. Some of these contained anabolic steroids and other dangerous compounds.

Athletic performance supplements sold included Novedex XT, which was recalled in 2010 due to an anti-estrogen and anabolic steroid compound, and both M-Drol and Massdrol, which were both 2009 recalls due to a steroid or steroid like compound.

The majority of recalled supplements still being sold can be hazardous to consumers.

Protection Against Supplements

“Consumers need to avoid the categories of supplements that these drugs are found in: weight-loss, sports supplements and sexual enhancement supplements.” – Pieter Cohen, an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School and one of the authors of the study as published by the Detroit Free Press

Weight-loss, sports, and sexual enhancement supplements are the ones most commonly sold online, even after being recalled, and are most likely to be recalled by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The supplement industry is approximately worth $30 billion and the FDA is under scrutiny for their handling of approving supplements.

Many experts agree the FDA needs to have better enforcement policies.

Many supplements are being marketed as all-natural, but in reality contain pharmaceuticals.

The FDA “faces the challenge of providing effective deterrents to prevent unscrupulous firms from fraudulently marketing and importing these products.” However, the industry is “extremely fragmented” and this makes it more challenging to identify and locate the policy breakers.


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