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Regulators Propose Stricter Requirements of Motorcycle Helmets

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Maya Kammourieh2 years ago

U.S. Transportation regulators proposed on Wednesday new safety requirements for motorcycle helmets in order to put a stop to “novelty” helmets that do not meet federal standards.


According to the Department of Transportation, these helmets do not protect riders in the case of a crash; therefore, they are deemed unsafe.

The department further states that these helmets tend to cover a smaller area of the head, are equipped with thinner liners, and do not adequately absorb the force of impact during a crash. As such, use of these substandard helmets increase the risk death in a motorcycle crash.

A disclaimer that comes with each helmet states that they are not for highway use. However, motorcyclists tend to overlook that warning and underestimate its risks, because these helmets tend to be cheaper and more “comfortable or stylish,” regulators claim.


According to Reuters, the suggested reforms would put in place stricter standards regarding the composition of the motorcycle helmets, modifying elements like the thickness and its compression ability.

This proposal would help buyers identify the difference between an inferior helmet and an appropriate one.

The aim of this reform is to “reduce fatalities and injuries resulting from traffic accidents involving use of [novelty] motorcycle helmets”, state the Department of Transportation regulators.

Also, this enables and aids authorities, in states where helmets are mandatory, to prosecute noncompliant helmet sellers.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Illinois, Iowa and New Hampshire are the only U.S. states where wearing a helmet is not mandatory for motorcycle riders.


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