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FBI Releases Vital Information for Missing Children’s Day

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Jonathan Hernandez1 year ago

Today is National Missing Children’s Day in the United States, and FBI’s official website has shared some vital information for parents to take into consideration to help keep their children safer.

Preventative Measures

According to the FBI’s official website, two young children were kidnapped earlier this year in the state of Washington, but were recovered in Mexico after a joint investigation involving the FBI, local law enforcement, and Mexican authorities.

There are, however, many other cases in the United States in which the whereabouts of missing children are still unknown. Today, on National Missing Children’s Day, the FBI is asking the public for help on locating any of the children that are pictured on their Kidnapping and Missing Persons webpage on their website.

With the growing use of technology, the FBI is working with its partners to remove predators from communities and neighborhoods and help keep children safe. The FBI has trained and enabled ready-response teams to be available at a moment’s notice of a child abduction. Also with the growth of technology, the FBI is able to work and communicate better with local law enforcement agencies, as well as offer a full array of forensic tools like fingerprint analysis, DNA, trace evidence, and digital forensics.

There are also several programs in place to help educate parents and children about the real-life dangers that are out there in the world through programs like the Child Abduction Rapid Deployment Teams, Innocence Lost National Initiative, or the Child Exploitation Task Force.

Important Information about Missing and Abducted Children

According to data from the Polly Klaas Foundation, there are very few wrongful deaths of kidnapped children every year in the United States, however, numbers do not diminish the threat that predators pose to children:

  • 99.8 percent of the children who are kidnapped do end up going home.
  • Only about 3 percent of the children who are abducted are taken by non-family members. The person who takes the child is usually someone the child is familiar with.
  • Only about 100 children are taken in the stereotypical stranger abductions like you hear about in the news or the movies. About half of those 100 children end up going home. 


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