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Report- Top 10 Medical Mistakes

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Kayla Jackson5 years ago

According to a CNN news report, medical errors kill more than 250,000 people every year in the United States and injure millions more. A recent article, which appeared in CNN Health, outlines 10 surprisingly common medical mistakes to watch out for.  

Patient Mix-Ups

  • Cause: Lack of identity verification procedures at the hospital or doctor/nurse error.
  • Consequence(s): The wrong person receives treatment.

Surgical Tools Left in Patient

  • Cause: The surgical staff fails to count tools used during a procedure.
  • Consequence(s): Complications, infections, serious health threats.

Lost Patients

  • Cause: Children or patients with dementia wander away from their room.
  • Consequence(s): Patients could become trapped- this increases the risk of death by hypothermia and dehydration.

Unlicensed Doctors

  • Cause: Doctors may advertise services they are not licensed to perform.
  • Consequence(s): Medical mistakes, infection, serious illness.

Overcrowded ERs

  • Cause: Hospitals do not have enough beds.
  • Consequence(s): Patients get sicker while waiting for emergency room care.

Air Bubbles in Bloodstream

  • Cause: Proper sealing procedures are not followed during removal of chest tubes.
  • Consequence(s): Air bubbles limit the supply of blood flowing to the lungs, heart, kidneys and brain. If not treated, this could result in death.

Surgery on the Wrong Body Part

  • Cause: Patient’s chart is wrong, illegible, misread, or mismarked.
  • Consequence(s): Unnecessary, painful operations. Complications from failure to perform operation on injured body part.

Deadly Infections

  • Cause: Failure of nurses and doctors to follow correct sanitation procedures.
  • Consequence(s): Serious illness, death.

Medical Tube Mix-Ups

  • Cause: Many medical tubes look the same but have different purposes.
  • Consequence(s): Example: A chest tube and a feeding tube may look alike but medicine meant for the stomach going into the chest can mean serious complications.

Waking up During Surgery

  • Cause: Anesthesia mistakes.
  • Consequence(s): Brain stays awake, muscles stay frozen.

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