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Researchers Analyze Leading Causes of Head Trauma to Children

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Jarod Cassidy3 years ago

Researchers have reviewed data on more than 43,000 head injuries sustained by children under the age of 19 years in order to pinpoint the main causes of head trauma and the frequency of traumatic brain injury (TBI) among different age groups.

About the Traumatic Brain Injury Study

According to Medscape, a new study publishing in the New England Journal of Medicine reviewed the medical records of 43,399 pediatric patients who had received treatment head injuries between 2004 and 2006.

The researchers then assessed the type, severity, and mechanism of the injury, whether or not a safety device was used in the event, and whether the injury could be identified as a traumatic brain injury.

Results of the Brain Injury Study

The study found that 98% of head injuries were mild as defined by a Glasgow Coma Score (GCS). 1% of the injuries were moderate and less than 1%were severe. 78 children died of their head injuries.

The most common causes head injuries included:

  • Falls from any distance – 27%
  • Falls while standing, walking, or running – 11%
  • Collision with stationary object while running or walking – 6%
  • Auto accidents – 9%
  • Bicycle accidents – 4%

For those children who suffered a brain injury due to an auto or bicycle accident, 36% were not wearing seatbelts and 72% were not wearing a helmet, respectively.

TBI’s occurred in 5% of children with mild injuries, 27% of children with moderate injuries, and 65% of children with severe injuries.


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