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Residue in Fruit Could Cause Allergic Reaction

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Morgan Cain3 years ago

People with antibiotic allergies may need to watch their intake of fruits due to a recent case in which a child suffered an anaphylactic reaction after eating a pie.

About the Allergic Reaction Case

According to Medscape and Health e Galaxy, a ten year old girl suffered from an anaphylactic reaction after she ate a piece of blueberry pie.

Lab tests discovered antibiotic residue on the blueberries but there was not enough to accurately identify it.  However, streptomycin is being suspected and was confirmed to be an allergen of the child.

What is Streptomycin?

According to, Streptomycin is normally used to treat tuberculosis (TB) and also infections caused by certain bacteria.  Because of this, the drug is used in orchards to fight bacterial growth to help protect the product from being destroyed.

There is widespread use of antibiotics in agriculture to ensure the safety of the products being grown.

Fruit Added to Allergy Watch List

Medscape and Health e Galaxy both report that the mother of the child notified appropriate sources immediately of the reaction so the food was able to be tested.

Past studied conducted have shown antibiotics in milk and meats to cause allergic reactions and due to this case, fruits are being added to the list of foods to watch.

Doctors request that individuals at risk for a life threatening allergic reaction carry epinephrine and know the proper method of administering it during an emergency situation.


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