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Road Rage More Common in San Antonio’s Bexar County

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Staff Writer4 years ago

Road rage and aggresive driving are a growing problem resulting in completely preventable altercations and accidents. According to resent research, motorists in San Antonio may be more subsebtable to the unnecessary acts of aggression.

Bexar County: Number One in Road Rage

  • Bexar County ranks number one for road rage accidents in Texas. It’s a sad blemish on a county otherwise known for being number one in far more desirable categories like tourism.
  • According to the San Antonio Express News, between 2007 and 2011, road rage was found to be a contributing factor in 680 San Antonio accidents. These wrecks resulted in 280 people being injured and two deaths
  • For every 100,000 licensed drivers in Bexar County, there were ten accidents that police say directly resulted from road rage. Shockingly, that number is more than twice the rate reported in Harris and Dallas counties. These counties tied for second with just four incidents apiece.

National Road Rage Accident Statistics

  • In a study conducted by AAA, between 1990 and 1996 found that atleast 218 people were killed as a result of road rage.
  • The same study found that 12,610 men, woman, and children were injured in accidents linked to road rage.
  • According to the San Antonio Express News, Texas experienced 4,400 accidents and 32 deaths between 2007 and 2011 due to road rage.
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