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Rollover Accident Victim Awarded $2M

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Tyler Kirchoff5 years ago

A woman who was left paralyzed after a rollover auto accident has been awarded $2 million in a lawsuit against the manufacturer of her Toyota 4Runner; the jury found that the vehicle had a defective roof. She suffered a lacerated spinal cord which left her paralyzed with no function in her arms and legs.

Roof on 4Runner was Defectively Designed

  • In 2009, the plaintiff was involved in an accident. Her 1994 Toyota 4Runner was struck on the driver’s side, causing it to roll 2.5 times.
  • The plaintiff suffered a broken back and spinal cord injuries which resulted in quadriplegia. She was required to spend three months in the hospital after the crash.
  • An expert testified that the roof of the plaintiff’s vehicle was not reinforced enough and should have been made stronger to resist deformation.
  • The jury found that the car was defective and the manufacturer knew of the defect.
  • The jury found in favor of the plaintiff and ordered Toyota to pay her $2,450,949.     

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