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San Antonio Family Awarded $5 Million in Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

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Jarod Cassidy4 years ago

According to a release, a San Antonio, Texas judge has ruled that an area family be awarded damages of over $5 million dollars after ruling that malpractice led to a 2-year-old boy’s lung infection spreading to his kidney causing both his kidneys to fail.

Events Leading to the Child's Kidney Failure

• In December of 2004, it was determined by an x-ray that the young boy had one lung that was filled with fluid. Doctors released the boy providing a prescription for oral antibiotics.
• After the boy was brought back to the hospital two days later, it was determined that the boy was suffering from a pneumococcus infection.
• The lung infection spread to the boy’s kidneys resulting in both kidneys' failure. As a result, the child received a kidney transplant from his father in 2005 and received a second transplant in 2013.
• A medical expert suggested during trial that the boy will require further transplants periodically as well as kidney dialysis treatment for the remainder of his life.

San Antonio Parents Sfor Medical Malpractice

• The parents of the 2-year-old boy sued the federal government for the child’s injuries as the hospital was on an Air Force Base.
• The lawsuit stated that the kidney failure were the result of a failure to admit the child, failure to properly treat his condition, and negligent treatment.
• According to the plaintiffs’ medical expert, the child should have been treated with the Prevnar vaccine upon his first visit which would have prevented the lung infection.
• The medical expert also claimed that the boy should have been admitted to receive intravenous antibiotics and to have the fluid drained from his lungs.
• The judge decided that the hospital was responsible for the spread of the infection and awarded the family $5,113,523 in damages.

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