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San Antonio Man Faces Murder Charges in Wreck that Killed 4

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Jarod Cassidy4 years ago

According to the San Antonio Express-News, George Munoz has been charged with four counts of murder after a fatal accident that resulted in the deaths of two young boys and their parents. One child survived the accident.

Details of the Fatal Car Accident

  • Witnesses report that Mr. Munoz, 30, was speeding down the 3800 block of Culebra in West San Antonio before colliding with a sedan being driven by Wesley Lindsay, 27.
  • According to police, Mr. Munoz was fleeing from authorities after an officer arrived on a scene at which Mr. Munoz was seen threatening a relative with a gun.
  • Mr. Munoz, upon seeing the officer, got into his car and sped off, leading to the accident.
  • The collision with Mr. Lindsay’s car was so forceful that the vehicle burst into flames.
  • The only survivor from Mr. Lindsay’s car was 4-year-old Travion Lindsay, who was put into a full body cast and sedated.
  • Police are investigating if alchohol was involved.

Charges Brought Against Munoz

  • George Munoz was charged with four counts of murder for the deaths of Wesley Lindsay, 27, Kathy Castillo, 25, Davon Lindsay, 3, and Edward Lindsay, 7.
  • He also faces one count of evading arrest and a charge for felony possession of a firearm.
  • Mr. Munoz is being held in police custody at University Hospital.
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