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San Antonio Woman Burned After Laptop Explodes

adriana_trevino2 years ago

A San Antonio woman was rushed to a nearby hospital Tuesday night after her laptop exploded on the kitchen table.

About the Exploding Laptop & Burn Victim

KSAT reports a laptop explosion resulted in a small fire at a home on the 400 block of Congress Avenue in south San Antonio.

Firefighters responded to the scene of the incident around midnight to find that another person had contained the fire.

One woman was treated for burns and smoke inhalation following the incident. The extent of her injuries were not immediately available.

Reasons for Laptop Battery Explosions

According to The Windows Club, the leading causes of battery explosions are:

  • Mishandling, such as dropping the laptop and misaligning of electrodes causing laptop to overheating
  • Humidity/Heat, can cause short circuiting also leading to overheating
  • Over charging, leading to the destabilization of the laptop’s battery


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