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Santa Monica Plane Crash Stirs Ongoing Residential Tensions

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David Turnbull4 years ago

Residents express concern over an airport's close proximity to a residential neighborhood after a small twin engine jet crashed into a hanger located on the premises, killing four.

Details of the Santa Monica Plane Crash

  • On the evening of Sunday, September 29th, a twin engine Cessna Citation crashed at Santa Monica airport upon landing after a tire burst, allowing impact with a private hanger which later collapsed leaving no survivors from the wreckage. 
  • In a statement made to KABC-TV, Captain John Nevandro of the Santa Monica Fire Department said that the entire hanger was in flames, that the crash was survivable, and that the fire department was unable to get into the hanger before it collapsed. 
  • Chairman of the Santa Monica Airport Commission, David Goddard believed that the crash site was 150 feet from nearby residences, and if the plane did not hit the hanger, it could have gone over neighboring walls and hit homes before coming to a halt.

Area Residents and Officials Fear Future Accidents and Traffic          

  • Among issues of safety, environmental impact and noise issues, crashes at the Santa Monica Airport dating back to 2004 were cited by Los Angeles Councilman Mike Bonin in favor of shutting the airport down, according to the LA Times.  Bonin stated that it is a proven danger to residents as a result of pollution, emissions from jet fuel, and the risk of crashes like the recent occurrence. 
  • State Senator Ted Lieu (D) declared that the lease on the airport should not be renewed with the FAA when it expires in 2015, as the airport was intended for propeller rather than jet planes. 
  • City Council for Santa Monica has made a public statement declaring that during a return to council, restrictions, reductions and even closure of the airport will be on the city’s agenda in March of 2014. 
  • Although there has been increased traffic at the airport after 9/11, area residents are adamant about seeking a closure of the airport where there is only a 7 foot wall separating the nearby neighborhood from the 40 foot high flames that tore apart the Cessna crash and the hanger.
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