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School Bus Crash Injures 10 People

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Allison Denton4 years ago

A Winter Garden school bus driver will llikely face charges for a collision on Monday that left sever people, inlcuding students, injured.

About the Winter Garden Crash

According to News 13, a school bus driver in Winter Garden, Florida has been ticketed and will likely face charges after her school bus crashed with a PT cruiser on Monday.

The driver, 55 year old Linda Rickerson, pulled out in front of the PT Cruiser at an intersection, violating the PT Cruiser’s right of way.

26-year-old Bethany Schivley, the driver of the PT Cruiser, slammed into the bus, almost going under it. She and nine middle school students, passengers on Rickerson’s school bus, were taken to the hospital and treated for minor injuries.

There were fifty students on the school bus at the time of the crash. The Florida Highway Patrol ticketed Rickerson for violating her right of way, but the incident is still under investigation and she may face more charges.

School Bus Accident Statistics

  • According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 1,236 fatal school transportation accidents between 2001 and 2010 resulting in 1,368 deaths.
  • On average, 137 people lose their lives in collisions involving school transportation vehicles every year. Most often, roughly 72 percent of the time, those killed are occupants of other vehicles.
  • 7 percent of those killed were occupants of the school vehicle and the remaining 21 perecent were not-occupants such as pedestrians, bicyclists, etc.


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