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Sears Kenmore Elite Ranges Recalled

Camara Thomas2 years ago

Electrolux recalled around 5,300 units of Sears Kenmore Elite due to laceration hazard.

About the Sears Kenmore Elite Recall

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the stainless steel trim below the range control panel has very sharp edge.

The CPSC recommends consumers should immediately contract Sears for a free inspection and free repair.

These products include all the versions electric, gas, and duel fuel. Model numbers and serious numbers can be found on the inside of the range door.

Description of Recalled Sears Kenmore Elite

  • These units were sold specifically by Sears stores nationwide.
  • Products were sold in the time frame of May 2014 through April 2015 for anywhere from $2,400 to $3,700.
  • Ranges with the following model numbers and serial numbers are affected:
    • Model: 790.32623xxx
      • Serial numbers: AF41500007 – AF44902220
    • Model: 79.32633xxx
      • Serial numbers: AF41600811 – AF45004453
    • Model: 790.32643xxx
      • Serial numbers: AF41601928 – AF45003625
    • Model: 790.42553xxx
      • Serial numbers: AF41602002 – AF45006133
    • Model: 790.42563xxx
      • Serial numbers: AF42002743 – AF45005533
    • Model: 790.42623xxx
      • Serial numbers: AF42801297 – AF45000612
    • Model: 790.42603xxx
      • Serial numbers: AF40602184 – AF45004329
    • Model: 790.42613xxx
      • Serial numbers: AF42500541 – AF45003409


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