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Second Man Is Charged with Third Degree Murder in Philadelphia Demolition Case

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Antarvir Kaur4 years ago

According to FOX News, Sean Benschop, a backhoe operator in the Philadelphia demolition case, has been charged with third degree murder, as well as with six counts of involuntary manslaughter.

About the Botched Building Demolition

  • Supposedly, he had been taken drugs before operating heavy machinery during a building demolition. A section of unsupported wall fell from the building being demolished and crashed until a nearby Salvation Army thrift store.
  • In total, six people were killed and more than a dozen more suffered injuries. The daughter of the city’s treasurer was one of the six victims in this case.
  • Benschop’s attorney is arguing that he was following the orders of Griffin Campbell, the man who was in charge of the demolition.

Details on the Charges against Griffin Campbell

  • Prosecutors allege Griffin Campbell was in charge of the demolition and was being paid a flat fee. As such, he did not heed the architect’s advice to brace that particular wall in order to meet a deadline and save money.
  • Campbell is charged with six counts of murder and involuntary manslaughter, along with thirteen counts of endangerment.
  • A video shows no scaffolding was in place to brace the wall and during the process; Campbell took out the floor joints which left that particular wall completely unsupported.


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