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Seniors Likely to Suffer Recurring Pain Following Auto Accidents

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Camara Thomas2 years ago

Senior citizens are likely to suffer long lasting pain following an auto accident, according to Reuters.

Study Tracks Pain in Senior Citizens

In a study led by Timothy Platts-Mills of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, researchers attempted to determine if it is possible to keep physical trauma from turning into persistent pain.

His team studied a group of 161 patients that were 65 and older who were admitted to emergency rooms after being involved in a car crash. They excluded all those with major injuries, like fractures, major cuts, brain injuries, or spine injuries

The study found that the most common areas for recurring pain were the head, neck, jaw, lower back, and legs.  Roger Fillingim, a distinguished professor at the university of Florida College of Dentistry, said that persistent pain is common amongst this demographic.

Platts-Mills recommend that seniors who have been in an accident stay active to aid with the recovery process. He also noted that many people involved in the study had not been reexamined; he recommend that if someone you know was in an accident and is having recurring pain, request that the individual get re-examined.

Statistics From Research

  • 1 in 4 seniors in car accidents have long lasting pain.
  • 72% of the 161 participants had inital pain that was rated moderate to severe.
  • 26% of the patients still had moderate to severe pain after six months.


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