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Seven People Sickened by Chemicals at Planned Parenthood

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Lilly Lentz1 year ago

According to Florida police, at least seven people were sent to a hospital from a Planned Parenthood due to sickness that was thought to be brought on by cleaning chemicals.

Florida Police and the Chemical Sicknesses

In Sarasota, Florida, at least seven people were taken to a hospital upon visiting a Planned Parenthood. The sickness is thought to have been brought upon by cleaning chemicals. Dozens of people were forced to evacuate the building last Monday, according to police.

Reuters reports that almost 40 people were inside the Planned Parenthood building last Monday, and those that were not taken to the hospital were treated at the scene. The incident was reported around 10:30 in the morning. Those who were taken to the hospital had symptoms that included shortness of breath. All injuries, according to officials, were not constituted as life-threatening injuries. The facility was planning to reopen the following afternoon on the day the incident occurred.

The Sarasota County officials’ Twitter page stated that the hazardous materials team found only cleaning chemical and powdered baby formula. The baby formula was found inside a stairwell of the building.

Although a local school was put on a temporary lockdown, officials said no danger was determined. 

Cleaning Chemical Safety

To ensure workers are safe from the potentially harmful effects of commercial cleaning materials, companies are urged to follow several safety processes:

  • Maintain a complete list of all cleaning chemical used in a facility, where they are stored, and potential health hazards.
  • Keep Safety Data Sheets posted for each chemical used or stored.
  • Keep all cleaning chemicals in their original containers and never mix chemicals.
  • Store chemical s in well-ventilated areas away from HVAC vents.
  • Install safety signage and provide safety training to all employees.


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