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Social Media LInked to Adolescent Depression

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adriana_trevino2 years ago

Research has proven that depression is linked to social media use. Statistics also show the effects on a teenagers’ self-esteem.

About the Teen Depression & Social Media

According to the JAMA Pediatrics journal, teenagers are reporting high numbers of cyberbullying and depression caused by social media. 92% of teens reported going to some form of social media network daily. Facebook, the most common platform within the teenager circle, blazes the online trail by being able to post pictures, status updates that share moods/feelings, and the ability to share content.

Such online platforms can be used to bully people online, also known as “cyberbullying”. Cyberbullying is typically in the form of online harassment, constant bugging, and shaming others, typically regarding their body.

In 2012, a study by the National Institute of Mental Health reported that 2.2 million teenagers have or have had at least one major depression within the year. 5-8% of the 2.2 million attempted suicide, and another 16% seriously considered suicide. The common thread: victims of cyberbullying are twice as likely to attempt suicide, the study said.

Study Also Noted Some Positive Aspects of Social Media

While most of the research sheds a heavy, negative filter over teenage activity online linked to cyberbullying and suicide, there are some positive findings as well.

52% of teens reported that social media has helped friendships grow. Through positive conversations and support, teens have been able to rely on each other for emotional online support.


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