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Stand for Eden Seeks Help for Paralyzed Girl

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Paige Tears-Gladstone2 years ago

Months after a tragic and debilitating accident left her paralyzed, a 5-year-old girl, Eden Hoelscher, in California is undergoing extensive physical therapy. The public can contribute to Eden's recovery by donated to the young girl's GoFundMe account.

Details of the Tragic Accident

According to the little girl’s mother, Kylee Hoelscher, her daughter Eden was a fearless go-getter from day one. She walked at 9-months, potty-trained herself at 18-months, and successfully rode her bike without training wills on her first attempt. She wasn’t afraid to take risks or get bumps, and would always rebound with a smile.

So when Eden collapsed crying and told her mom that her legs and hip hurt after a backbend-a simple gymnastics move she had done countless times in the past-her mother didn’t take it seriously. She simply gathered her child into her arms and comforted her.

A half hour later Eden stopped crying and told her mother that the pain was gone, and it felt like her feet were asleep. When Mrs. Hoelscher realized her daughter wasn’t able to move her legs, she immediately collected her children and rushed them to the hospital.

That began her 52-day stint in the hospital where her family would be informed that their independent and hearty child was now a paraplegic.

Stand for Eden

The doctors discovered Eden had hyper-extended her spine, causing the artery that feeds the spinal cord to stop pumping blood and evoking a stroke which paralyzed her from the waist down. In spite of uncontrollable bowels and bladder, a constant risk of pressure sores, unregulated temperature, and inability to sit up on her own, the vivacious child was back in school just a week after being discharged from the hospital.

Eden has been attending rehab ever since, working her hardest without complaining, and that indomitable spirit has maintained her parent’s hope for her eventual recovery. A GoFundMe account has been set up to provide the public with an opportunity to help the family with their finances and spread awareness. This fund seeks to help renovate the home to allow Eden to enter and maneuver around in her new state.

The fund will also help with equipment, payment of medical bills, and assistance with travel fees associated with her care.

This April, Eden will be going to Kennedy Krieger in Baltimore for two weeks of physical therapy followed by three months of locomotors training in Louisville at Frazier Rehab.


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