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Steel Mill Workers Suffered Serious Burns

Mary Wolff3 years ago

According to reports from San Antonio Express-News, two steel mill workers suffered serious burns on Sunday. The workplace mishap occurred at CMC Steel Texas in Seguin located on Steel Mill Drive.

More Information on the Seguin Steel Mill Accident

The two men were injured when a molten material leaked and started a small fire.

Clifton Wright, 21, and Gabriel Garcia, 41, were both taken to a nearby hospital. Wright was deemed in critical condition and Garcia suffered less serious injuries.

The fire department responded to the fire but was postponed to enter the building until an issue with a gas line in the building was stabilized.

This is the second fire at CMC Steel Texas in the short span of a month. The previous fire resulted in a 15 hour attempt by the fire department to extinguish the fire.

Workplace Accidents Statistics

Information provided by Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  • 2,976,400 people were injured on the job in 2012.
  • 4,628 people died at their place of employment in 2012.  


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