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Steroid Use In Tonsillectomy Linked to Bleeding Risk For Children

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Brigitte Barrera3 years ago

Researches from Japan have found that intravenous steroid use in children undergoing a tonsillectomy increases the risk of bleeding.

Intravenous Steroids For Tonsillectomies

Tonsillectomies are routine operations all over the world for both adults and children.

Intravenous steroid use after surgery can help reduce pain and nausea, but new research shows that a possible increased risk of bleeding may be a concern.

About The Research

The study was performed by Dr. Sayaka Suzuki and his team of the University of Tokyo in Japan.

Around 61,000 people from 718 hospitals were in a Japanese inpatient database that was used to collect data – approximately 4,767 patients received intravenous steroids while almost 56,600 received other medications.

1.6% of the patients in the steroid using group had another operation due to hemostasis, or bleeding. 0.9% of the non-steroid using patients had another operation due to hemostasis.

Patients who had intravenous steroids had a significantly higher risk of bleeding.

Children At Highest Risk

The data also showed a correlation between the rate of reoperation for hemostasis and age.

Children 15 and under had a much high rate of reoperation than the other age groups. Dr. Suzuki said, “tonsillitis in children usually has less severe adhesion to the surrounding tissue compared to that in adults. That is because children have less bleeding. Our study showed the negative impact of steroids on postoperative bleeding was detected only in children.”

Also, more reoperations occurred roughly seven days after the tonsillectomy.

Further research must be conducted to know the exact reason for the bleeding as well as the risks and benefits associated with using steroids in children for tonsillectomies.


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