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Student Leaps from Balcony after Eating Pot Cookie

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Jarod Cassidy3 years ago

A Wyoming college student who ate a marijuana cookie that his friend legally purchased from a recreational pot shop in Colorado died after jumping off a balcony.

Marijuana “Significant Contributing Factor”

According to an autopsy report filed in connection to the accident, marijuana intoxication is considered a “significant contributing factor” in the death of Levy Thamba Pongi, 19.

The San Antonio Express-News reports that the Republic of Congo native had travelled to Colorado with a group of friends to try marijuana. They purchased the marijuana edible from a shop in Denver before returning to their motel.

Investigators were told that Pongi “exhibited hostile behavior” after eating the cookie and began ripping things of the walls of the motel room and was speaking erratically. His friends were able to calm him down, but, soon after, Pongi went outside and jumped from his motel balcony.

One of his friend commented that he had also tried the cookie but stopped eating it when he started feeling sick.

Possible Criminal Charges

In Colorado, it is illegal to sell marijuana products to anyone under the age of 21. It is also illegal for people under the age of 21 to possess marijuana, and adults can face felony charges for giving marijuana to a person who is under the legal age.

Police said that only one of Pongi’s friends was old enough to purchase the cookie but did not comment on whether the friend would be facing criminal charges.

Medical examiners tested Pongi for at least 250 different substances including synthetic marijuana and bath salts, both of which have been known to cause strange behavior; however, his blood only tested positive for THC.

Pongi’s blood had a marijuana concentration of 7.2 nanagrams of aciver THC per milliliter of blood – 5 nanograms is the limit before which a person is assumed to be driving while impaired.


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