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Study Finds Possible Link between Head Trauma and Alzheimer’s

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Jarod Cassidy4 years ago

A study published in the medical journal Neurology has found that people who suffer concussions are at a higher risk of developing plaques on the brain – a condition attributed to Alzheimer’s disease.

About the Alzheimer’s Study

“Our results add merit to the idea that concussion and Alzheimer’s disease brain pathology may be related.” – Michelle Mielde, researcher at the Mayo Clinic as published by FOX News

In efforts to analyze the correlation between head injuries and Alzheimer’s disease, study author Michelle Mielke with the Mayo Clinic scanned the brains of 589 people who were 70 or older – patients were then asked if they had suffered concussions in the past.

Among those scanned, 141 had symptoms of mild cognitive impairment affecting thinking or memory.

When asked about their history of head trauma, 17 percent of the 448 without cognitive impairment reported suffering prior head injuries compared to 18 percent of the 141 who had developed cognitive impairment.

However, Mieke did find that those individuals who suffered head injuries and reported cognitive impairment developed 18 percent more amyloid beta plaques – a major indicator of Alzheimer’s disease.

Potential for Future Studies

  • Keith Fargo with the Alzheimer’s Association claims that the study raises more questions than it answers and that more studies could provide a deeper insight on the disease.
  • The association claims that prior research has linked brain injuries to dementia and cognitive impairment dating back 30 years.
  • Recent research of contact sport athletes has shown that repeated head trauma is linked to a form of dementia called chronic traumatic encephalopathy.
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