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Study- Motorcycle Helmet Laws Reduce Deaths

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susan_harr5 years ago

According to a new study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), motorcycle accident deaths are much lower in states that require helmets by law than in states that do not.

About the Motorcycle Helmet Safety Study

  • The CDC study showed that about five times as many riders without helmets die in states that don’t have restrictive helmet laws.
  • Only about 12% of the 6,000 deaths counted over a three year period were in states that require every rider to wear a helmet.
  • The CDC believes that the most effective way to make people to wear helmets is by passing a universal helmet law in every state that requires everyone to wear a helmet.
  • There are currently 19 states that have a universal helmet law, 28 that have a partial helmet law, and 3 with no helmet law.

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