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Study Shows that Current ‘Acceptable’ Amounts of Sugar may be Toxic

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Jarod Cassidy4 years ago

According to the Salt Lake City Tribune, the National Research Council recommendation that additional sugars should not make up more than 25 percent of a person’s caloric intake may be too lenient. A study conducted on mice shows that the 25 percent rule may be resulting in toxic levels of sugar intake.

About the Sugar Study

  • The study,conducted by University of Utah, looked at the effects of sugar in lab mice.
  • The authors cite that mice and humans have shared a similar diet since the agricultural revolution over 10,000 years ago, and currently 80 percent of things that are toxic to mice are also toxic to humans.
  • In the study, mice were given the sugar equivalent of 500 calories in a 2000 calorie human diet.
  • The study was built on the idea that between 13 and 25 percent of Americans get a fourth or more of their calories form added sugars (candy, cookies, fruit drinks, ice cream etc.).
  • That would be the same as drinking atleast 3 cans of soda a day.
  • After six months, these mice were released into large rooms built to be a sort of mouse habitat with a control group of mice.

Results of the Mice Sugar Study

“We’re not just talking about some minor metabolic thing. We’re Talking about increased rates of death and [lower rates] of reproduction.” – Study author James Ruff as published by the Salt Lake City Tribune.

  • Male mice that were given the one-fourth sugar diet were less likely to hold territory and produced 25 percent less offspring.
  • The female mice from the sugar fed group had a mortality rate twice as high as the control group.
  • Those involved in the study also noted that the sugar fed mice were not fatter than the control group.
  • According to the study’s author, James Ruff, the sugar fed mice “would pass a physical” while still suffering from severe health problems.
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