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Study Suggest Talcum Powder Cancer Risk Not Limited by Area of Use

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Lidnsey DeRosa1 year ago

According to Reuters, a new study shows that African Women who regularly use talcum body powder are at a higher risk for ovarian cancer than those who do not use body powder. Usage a body powder showed risk of ovarian cancer regardless of where it was used.

Overview of Ovarian Cancer Linkage to Body Powder

Although women who were users of genital powder increased their risk of ovarian cancer by more than 40 percent, those who used non-genital powder increased their risk of ovarian cancer by more than 30 percent.

Talcum Powder containing asbestos is recognized as a carcinogen by multiple institutes, including the International Agency for Research on Cancer. In 1973, Johnson & Johnson claimed modern talc products no longer carry asbestos.

Details About the Study

  • Schildkraut, an epidemiologist at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, interviewed 584 black women with ovarian cancer and 745 black women without the disease from the southern, eastern and midwestern U.S.
  • Nearly 63 percent of the women with ovarian cancer and nearly 53 percent of the healthy controls dusted themselves with powder, the researchers report in Cancer Epidemiology.
  • A 2015 case-control study in Los Angeles found that 44 percent of African-American women reported using talcum powder, compared to 30 percent of white women and 29 percent of Hispanic women.

Body Powders Containing Talcum Powder

The following information was provided by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

  • Body Powder Brands
  • Johnson’s Baby Powder
  • CVS Brand Baby Powder
  • Rite Aid Baby Powder
  • Anti Monkey Butt Powder
  • Assured Shower & Bath Absorbent Body Powder
  • Angel of Mine Baby Powder
  • Family Dollar Mild Baby Powder
  • Shower to Shower


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