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Subaru Recalls Over 48,000 Vehicles for Steering Problems

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Jennifer Jussell1 year ago

According to the New York Times, Subaru is recalling about 48,500 vehicles because an issue with the steering columns in the vehicles that may cause steering to fail

About the Subaru Vehicle Recall

Subaru told federal regulators that they are recalling about 48,500 2015-2017 Outback and 2016-2017 Legacy model vehicles because the steering may fail. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the automaker began an investigation after an Outback owner reported an issue with the steering to their website. 

A week after the investigation began, Subaru determined that a recall was necessary due to the “incorrect setting” of a steering tool that could allow the wheel to rotate freely, resulting in the inability of the driver to control the vehicle. 

No accidents or injuries have been reported, although there have been two more reports to the federal traffic agency from owners complaining that they were having trouble steering their Outback vehicles. 

One owner from Eerie, PA, stated that the steering was “wandering from side to side,” and that the wheel couldn't “hold in the center of the lane on the highway or on the street.” 

Description of the Recalled Vehicles 

  • The recalled vehicles models are the Subaru 2015-2017 Outback and the 2016-2017 Legacy. 
  • Although the recall involves over 48,000 vehicles, only 22,000 of those vehicles had actually been sold, with the others at dealerships or in transit. 
  • The Outback is Subaru's second best-selling vehicle, with about 140,000 sold last year. 
  • The Outback is a mid-sized hatchback sold for upwards of $25,000 at dealerships nationwide. 
  • The Legacy is a mid-sized sedan sold for upwards of $22,000 at dealerships nationwide. 


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