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Takata’s Initiates Airbag Recall Expansion

Isabella Rolz9 months ago

Subsequent to Takata’s agreement with US safety regulators over the recent recall expansion, the company has declared an additional 14 million airbags defective.

About the Recall Expansion

Earlier this month, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration pressed Takata to recall an additional 35 to 40 million airbags in addition to the 28.8 million units the airbag manufacturer has already recalled.

According to reports, Takata has begun this process last by announcing the recall of 14 million more airbags.

Despite the recall expansion, the company has not taken full responsibility over this crucial issue.

Toyohiro Hishikawa, Takata’s spokesman announced that the company still has to make its own conclusions; yet, tests show the use of ammonium nitrate to be the key factor of the defective airbags.

Overview of the Recall

  • The enormous expansion is set to take place between May 2016 through December 2019.
  • If the company is found to be solely responsible for this severe issue, it would cost the Japanese auto parts maker $10 billion.
  • So far, 11 deaths more than 100 injuries have been linked to the defective airbags.


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