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Teen Given $14.5M for Metal Bat Injury

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Baisha Kreuzer5 years ago

The parents of a young boy sued a bat manufacturer, Little League Baseball, and a sporting goods chain for a total of $14.5 Million after their son was severely injured during a Little League game.

About the Lawsuit

  • His family sued because the metal bat the kids were using was unsafe due to baseballs' hitting off the bat at higher speeds than wooden bats.
  • He was playing in a Police Athletic League game, but Little League was sued because they certified that specific metal bats were safe to use for games involving children.

Injury from Metal Bat

The boy was pitching when the batter hit the ball off a line with the metal bat. The ball slammed into the boy’s chest, striking him at the precise moment between heartbeats, sending him into cardiac arrest, according to his doctors. He fell to the ground and stopped breathing.

He was rushed to the hospital, but his brain had been without oxygen for 15-20 minutes. To this day, the boy still needs help doing daily functions.

Little League reached an agreement with the major manufacturers in the early 1990s to limit metal bats’ use to that of the best wooden bats. In 2008, a report from Little League showed that injuries fell from 145 a year, to 20-30 a year.

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