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Teen Killed in Houston Bus Crash Had Complained About Driver

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Mario Rosales2 years ago

According to the parents of a teen killed a school bus crash in Houston, Texas last week, their daughter did not trust the driving skill of the bus driver.

About the Girl's Complaints

According to the New York Daily News, the family of 17-year-old Mariya Johnson has stated that their daughter had previously approached them with complaints of her bus driver’s driving. Johnson was fatally injured last Tuesday when her school bus was involved in a collision.

Among Johnson’s complaints were that the the driver could not speak English and would take different routes every day, causing Johnson to get home late.  

The Johnson family is filing a complaint against the school district in addition to the driver of the vehicle that hit the school bus. The family is also filing suit against the constructing agency of the rail that failed to prevent the bus from falling from an overpass.

Description of the Fatal Bus Accident

The accident occurred when the driver of a passenger vehicle suddenly swerved into the school bus while it was merging into the lane. The collision forced the school bus off of an overpass.  

Johnson and another teenager, 14-year-old Janecia Chatman, were killed in that accident, and the several other students were injured.  

The collision remains under investigation as authorities attempt to breakdown the event leading up to the fatal incident.


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