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Teen Steals Parent’s Car, Hits Toddler

Brooke Shroyer2 years ago

In St. Petersburg, Florida, a 15-year-old hit a 3-year-old riding a bike and fled the scene. 

Details of the Accident

St. Petersburg police claimed that the teenager did not have a driver’s license and took his mother’s car without her knowledge. 

According to WKRG, the toddler, identified as D’andre Bush Jr., was cycling alongside his mother in an alley at the time of the accident.  The teenager apparently stopped, but he drove off when the toddler’s mother frantically confronted him. 

The toddler went to the hospital for treatment of minor injuries and was later released. 

Charges Filed Against Teenager

St. Petersburg police interviewed the mother of the teen, and she claimed the boy took her car without permission.  The teenager has been charged with a hit-and-run and operating a vehicle without a valid license.

The teenager will not be publicly identified because he is a minor.  


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