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Texas Pilot Killed in Iowa Air Show Crash

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Bedram Bararpour5 years ago

A Texas pilot died in early September when he crashed into a field during an air show in Iowa. The pilot, a 59-year-old man, collected and flew vintage planes after retiring in 2006.

Pilot Showed No Signs of Distress

According to a local ABC news station, the pilot was flying in formation when his 30-year-old plane nosedived. He showed no signs of distress before he crashed into the field. His friends reported that he was a very careful flier, and that he would always go over the flight plan before flying.

The crash is being investigated by the National Transportation Safety Board, and a preliminary report is expected to be available soon. A final report, however, will take several months. The few remaining parts of the plane, along with the pilot’s autopsy and toxicology reports, will be inspected.

Pilot Was Licensed for 25 Years

The pilot was the newest member of the HopperFlight team, a group dedicated to introducing Americans to planes made by America’s former enemies. According to their website, he had been a licensed pilot for 25 years.

Before the air show continued the next day, a squadron of planes flew in the “missing man” formation over the site of the crash.

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