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Texas Resident Awarded $367,500 in Malpractice Lawsuit

Destiny Baker4 years ago

According to the Houston Chronical, a jury has found in favor of Herlinda Garcia, a resident of Victoria, Texas, in a malpractice lawsuit. In 2009, a doctor mistakenly diagnosed Garcia with type IV terminal breast cancer after she had a benign tumor removed from her left breast.

Damages of the Misdiagnosis

  • After being diagnosed, Garcia began to give away her belongings in preparation.
  • Garcia went through 7 months of chemotherapy.
  • She was also placed on anti-anxiety medication due to stress.

Garcia was later admitted to Citizen’s Medical Center in 2011 due to her anxiety where doctors performed standard scans in line with their cancer patient procedures.  One doctor suspected Garcia never had cancer. 

Upon further testing at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Garcia was told she was cancer free and always had been.

Malpractice Verdict

  • The jury decided in favor of Garcia finding Dr. Ahmed Qadri guilty of malpractice.
  • As Dr. Qadri had passed away since his misdiagnosis, the lawsuit was carried out through his estate.
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