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Texas Wildfires: Prevention Tips

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susan_harr6 years ago

Rolling heat waves, an ongoing drought, and windy conditions have sparked raging wildfires which have reportedly destroyed more than 1,400 homes in central Texas since April. According to the Texas Forest Service (TFS), in the past seven days, the TFS has responded to 149 fires for 17,334 acres.

Texas Wildfires 2010-2011

  • The official Texas fire season began on November 15, 2010.
  • The most intense months have been April, May, and September 2011.
  • By September 12, fires had burned 3,694,985 acres and about 2,630 homes in Texas.
  • 1,939 homes burned in one weekend.
  • 2 firefighters have died battling Texas wildfires this season.

Burn Bans

  • All but four of the 254 counties in Texas are under outdoor burn bans.
  • An outdoor burn ban was issued for Nueces, County on June 15, 2011.
  • Violation of the burn ban in Nueces County is a Class C Misdemeanor.
Protecting Your Home

Information below provided by the Texas Forest Service

  1. Propane tanks should be far enough away from buildings for valves to be shut off in case of fire. Keep area around the tank clear of flammable vegetation.
  2. Store gasoline in an approved safety can away from occupied buildings.
  3. All combustibles such as firewood, wooden picnic tables, boats, stacked lumber, etc. should be kept away from structures.
  4. Clear roof surfaces and gutters regularly to avoid build-up of flammable materials such as leaves and other debris.
  5. Remove branches from trees to a height of 15 feet or more.
  6. In rural areas, clear a fuel break of at least 3 times the fuel length around all structures.
  7. Have fire tools handy such as: ladder long enough to reach your roof, shovel, rake, and a bucket or two for water.
  8. Place connected garden hoses at all sides of your home for emergency use.
  9. Assure that you and your family know all emergency exits from your home.
  10. Assure that you and your family know all emergency exits from your neighborhood.

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