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The Dangers of Texting While Driving

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Baisha Kreuzer5 years ago

Texting while driving has become a common occurrence, especially with young adults and teens. While the risk taken may seem small, the repercussions of looking away from the road for just a few seconds can be catastrophic. Take for example, the lives of two young individuals, Taylor Sauer and Chance Bothe, who made the mistake of texting while driving.

Taylor Sauer Died While Texting and Driving

Taylor Sauer was a bright, 18-year-old girl attending Utah State University to become a teacher, according to Today News. One night, while making a late night drive to visit her parents in Caldwell, Idaho, she was messaging a friend on Facebook using her phone.

At some point along her drive in the night, she did not take notice of a tanker truck in front of her that was slowly creeping up a hill at 15 mph as she was going 80 mph. She was killed instantly and later on, investigators saw that she made no attempt to brake before the disastrous crash.

On January 12, Taylor’s parents, Clay and Shauna Sauer, were devastated to hear the news of the death of their young daughter. After experiencing such a tragedy, according to, they immediately reached out in support of a state ban on texting and driving in Idaho, which has already passed through the senate and is awaiting approval.

Chance Bothe Drove Into a Ravine While Texting

In a similar situation, Chance Bothe (21) was typing out a text message on his phone to a friend he was planning to visit as he was driving home to Ganado, TX from a college in Victoria. According to Digital Life on Today, as Bothe was texting and driving, he veered off the road and landed into a ravine.

The accident was so intense, it caused Bothe major physical injuries and head trauma. Although he survived, Bothe has to undergo physical therapy and relearn simple functions such as how to convey emotion and speak with proper voice inflection.

According to news outlets, Bothe’s friends and family were so affected by his accident, they started a foundation called Unsend to raise awareness about texting and driving. Bothe joined his family in this noble cause to stop people from texting while driving and spread the word to warn others of the mistake he made.

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