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Three Injured in West Virginia Bus Crash

Mario Rosales1 year ago

A school bus from Marion County was involved in a collision that put three people in the hospital.  

About the Marion County Bus Accident

According to WBOY, the accident occurred on Wednesday afternoon and it was reported that no children where on the bus at the time of the collision.

Several new outlets in West Virginia are reporting that a school bus accident occurred on Wednesday afternoon near East Main Street when a school bus collided with an SUV.  

The accident occurred around 2pm and 911 emergency dispatchers were sent to the scene of the accident. Marion County police, fire department, and rescue squad were sent to help.

Three of the victims were transported to Ruby Memorial Hospital. One of the victims was flown to the hospital while the other two were transported to the local hospital.

School Transportation Related Accidents Data

All the following information was provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NTHSA):

  • Since 2003 there were 348,253 fatal motor vehicle traffic crashes nationwide. Of those, 1,222 (0.35%) were classified as school-transportation-related.
  • Occupants of school transportation vehicles accounted for 8 percent of the fatalities, and no occupants accounted for 21 percent of the fatalities.
  • On every school day across the nation, about 22 million children ride school buses back and forth to school and school related activities. 


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