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Tire Blowout Turns Fatal in Pflugerville, Texas

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Christine Eke4 years ago

Three elder individuals, two men and one woman, were recently killed as a result of a tire blowout that caused the driver to lose control and crash in an Austin, Texas suburb.

About the Fatal Texas Car Accident

  • A man was driving a van carrying two passengers, a husband and wife, northbound on a state highway, when one of the van’s tires blew out.
  • This caused the driver to lose control of the vehicle and crash.
  • The female passenger was pinned in the vehicle and died almost instantly; the male passenger was ejected from the vehicle and died instantly; the driver was taken to a local hospital where he later passed away due to his injuries.
  • All three passengers were pastors from Killeen, Texas, approximately 70 miles north of Austin.

Cause and Effect of a Tire Blowout

  • A tire blowout is a rapid deflation of a vehicle tire.
  • Michelin reports approximately 535 fatalities and 23,000 collisions per year due to tire blowouts.
  • Puncturing of the tire is the most common way tire blowouts occur; hitting a curb, low tire pressure, and wear and tear are also general causes.
Tire Blowout Safety Tips
  • The easiest way to remain safe from a tire blowout is to prevent the occurrence by properly inflating the tires, monitoring the wear, and routinely inspecting the tires.
  • In case a blowout does happen, it is best one remains calm; frantic behavior could potentially become tragic.

    • The sound of a blown out tire is loud and can be scary.
    • Do not brake hard or steer the vehicle in panic.
  • Slightly accelerate to maintain the vehicle’s momentum to compensate for the pulling the vehicle will do in the direction of the flattened tire.
  • Keep the steering wheel straight and firm and carefully steer out of traffic.
  • Once cleared from traffic, gently decelerate.
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