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Tire Failure in Commercial Vehicles: Causes and Risks

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Nick Naughton4 years ago

The causes of tire failure can range from a number of aspects like vehicle impacts, tire aging, internal rusting, retread failures, to service failures which can be quite difficult (and sometimes impossible) to repair according to experts.

Risk of Faulty Tire Repair and Retreading

  • Having knowledge of what truck tires can and cannot be repaired is essential to mechanic operators and truck owners.
  • If a tire is repaired or retreaded improperly, the risk of blowout or tread detachment goes up exponentially.
  • Michelin estimates blowouts lead to 23,000 accidents every year resulting in 535 deaths.
  • With the numerous causes of tire failure mentioned above, experts want to further educate and “heed instructions provided by tire repair material manufactures” to owners and repair shops in order to reduce tire failures on commercial vehicles and improve procedures on how to fix them.

Tire Repairs and Regulations

  • Tread detachment is the leading cause of tire failure that causes loss-of-control crashes.
  • It is recommended that tire injuries near the belt edges should always be treated as section repairs; any injury exceeding 1 ½ inch in width should be downgraded. Injuries within the 2 ½ inch of the bead area cannot and should not be tempted to be fixed.
  • The Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulates servicing on large high-pressured tires because they pose greater risk as compared to smaller low-pressured tires.
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