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Toddler Dies Following Massive Dose of Potassium

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Demetria Ratchford3 years ago

Authorities have launched and investigation into the death of a toddler who was prescribed a massive dose of potassium while recovering from a gastrostomy in 2012.

About the Toddler’s Death

According to Fox News, 20-month-old Willow Kemp died after she was prescribed high amounts of potassium.

Willow underwent a gastrostomy in June 2012 at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. She suffered from cardiac and respiratory issues during the procedure and was recovering in the intensive care unit when she was prescribed a massive dose of potassium; however, doctors failed to check her levels of potassium after the dose was administered.

Willow suffered from cardiac arrest after receiving the potassium and was pronounced dead shortly after.

Medical Staff Blames Fluctuating Potassium Levels

The medical staff in charge of Willow testified that the toddler’s potassium levels fluctuated even when she was stable. 

Dr. Robert Ross-Russell, a pediatrician at the hospital, said, “It was an exceptionally high concentration of potassium. I have used it once or twice but never in a child so small in age or in terms of weight.”

A consultant pediatrician at the hospital, Dr. Robert Yates, claimed that he was satisfied with her potassium levels being taken every 90 minutes to two hours,but an investigation revealed that the staff did not check her potassium levels for three and a half hours after the fatal dose.

Willow was found to have 11 mmol/l of potassium in her blood, while the normal level in blood is 3.5-5.0 mmol/l.


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