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Toddler Eats Hamburger Containing Broken Glass at Wendy’s

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Deirnesa Jefferson1 year ago

A trip to Wendy’s turned sour for a mother and daughter in Detroit after the three-year-old little girl bit into a hamburger tainted with shards of glass.

About the Incident

CBS Local News Detroit is reporting that the incident occurred  at the Wendy’s restaurant on North Line Road near Allen Road in Southgate. The pair was dining at the restaurant following a visit to the dentist, according to WXYZ-TV.

The mother told reporters she knew something was wrong as soon as her daughter bit into the hamburger.

She started to crunch this super loud crunch that was not normal,” she told the TV station. “I was telling her, ‘Don’t swallow, don’t swallow!’”

The mother opened her daughter’s mouth and found blood as well as particles of glass.

The little girl was rushed to the hospital and treated for a cut to the mouth.

According to a police report, the manager told officers that glass was broken in the back room where food is prepared. Starboard Group, which owns the restaurant, later told the station that a light bulb may have broken during maintenance activity in the restaurant.

Officials at Wendy’s say they are aware of the incident and are taking the matter very seriously.

Important Information About Fast Food

  • The Food and Drug Administration, state and federal inspection boards and other quality control agencies exist to ensure that fast food is not detrimental. Unfortunately, there are many potentially dangerous factors that agencies cannot patrol continuously.
  •  The extremely high volume of food that restaurants handle can spread dangers faster than the drive thru.
  •  Savvy consumers, on the other hand, can reduce the risks of unhealthy fast food by understanding what dangers may exist and how to avoid or reduce the problems.


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