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Toddler Escapes Serious Injury in Three-Story Fall

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adriana_trevino2 years ago

KKTV reports a toddler survived a three story fall from an apartment window after landing in a bush near the apartment complex.

About the Window Fall

Monday morning, an investigation took place after a 2-year-old girl fell from an apartment window. A witness standing near-by said she saw the young girl fall out of the window and fall into a bush that luckily broke her fall.

Due to the branches of the tree, the toddler was caught and didn’t suffer any serious injuries. Regardless, she was taken to the hospital for evaluation as a precaution.

According to the police report, police happen to think the 2-year-old was sitting on a bench near the window when something caught her eye and accidently fell through the window screen.

The child’s parents were around, but are not being charged as the event was determined to be an accident.

Child Window Fall Statistics

  • According to Children’s Hospital Colorado, even a fall of 10 feet can result in serious spinal injuries, traumatic head injuries, and paralysis.
  • The journal Pediatrics published a study that found that between 1990 and 2008, 98,415 children required emergency room treatment for injuries sustained after falling from a window.
  • The study also determined that 28 percent of the children treated required extended hospital stays.
  • On average, at least 15 children die from window falls every year.


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