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Toyota Recalls 625,000 Hybrid Vehicles

Victoria Burguess2 years ago

Toyota has announced a recall of several Prius/Auris vehicles due to a defect that could cause the vehicles to lose power while being driven, resulting in an increased risk of accident.

About the Prius Recall

On Wednesday, July 15, Toyota recalled 625,000 hybrid cars due to a software glitch that causes the hybrid system to shut down while being driven.

The company believes that the setting may cause overheating, thus the shutting down of the car. The models affected include: Prius v minivans (Prius Alpha and Prius +) as well as the Auris hybrid and some other models produced between May 2010 and November 2014.

 There have been no reports of injury or crashes, but there have been recalls in Japan, Europe, and North America.

This is only one of many mass recalls that Toyota has had to establish within the past years.


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