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Toyota Recalls 885,000 Vehicles Due to Faulty Airbag System

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Christine Eke4 years ago

Toyota has faced an unprecedented series of recalls in recent years.It has, in fact, had more vehicles recalled in the U.S. than any other manufacturer for four of the last five years. According to NBC, the company is now recalling 885,000 vehicles worldwide for electrical problems that could prevent airbags from deploying in a crash.

Information on the Latest Toyota Recall

  • 803,000 of the vehicles recalled were sold in the U.S., covering a mix of sedans and crossovers.
  • This has brought Toyota’s recall number up to nearly 1.5 million vehicles in just the past month.
  • The recall was caused by a potential short circuit that could cause airbag warning lights to turn on; in some cases the airbags would disable themselves so that they might not deploy in an accident; sometimes the airbags could also deploy inadvertently.
  • Toyota has reported that the problem is caused by water leaking out from the air conditioning condenser unit onto the airbag control module; this could cause other problems, like short circuiting that could disable the power-steering system.
  • Toyota says the defect has caused only two “minor” injuries, but no accidents or deaths.
  • The recall covers 2012 and 2013 Camry sedans and hybrids, the full-size Avalon sedan and hybrid, and the Venza crossover.

Automobile Accident Statistics

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration:

  • Someone is involved in an automobile accident every ten seconds.
  • 98 % of car accidents involve a single distracted driver.
  • The leading causes of car accidents are:rubbernecking, cell phone usage, driver fatigue, passenger distractions, looking at scenery, adjusting the radio.
  • Other causes of car accidents include:drunk driving, reckless driving, automobile defects, poorly maintained roads, malfunctioning traffic signals, other highway defects.
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