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Toyota Recalls New Prius Vehicles Due to Software Glitch

Antarvir Kaur3 years ago

The New York Times reports that Toyota Motors has recalled its brand new Prius vehicles due to a software glitch that can cause their hybrid system to stop working.

Toyota’s Voluntary Recall of its Priuses

  • According to spokesperson Brian Lyons, 50% of the Priuses recalled are in Japan, 713,000 are in North America and 130,000 are in Europe.
  • So far, no accidents linked to the defect have been reported.
  • The defect in the cars’ software can cause the vehicles to stop working as part of their fail safe mode because of damage to the transistors.
  • Vehicles may shut down while being operated, causing them to come to a complete stop on the road and increasing the risk of a collision.
  • Owners should visit a Toyota dealership to have the problem fixed.

Toyota’s Legal Problems

  • Toyota has been sued by many customers due to its mishandling of recalls in 2009 and 2010 and has been ordered to pay billions of dollars in lawsuit settlements.
  • Toyota was also fined by the United States government.


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