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Tragic Accident in Arlington Kills One

Isabella Rolz8 months ago

Last Tuesday, a tragic accident involving a trash truck, dump truck, and tractor-trailer caused the death of one person.

Details about the Fatal Accident 

The unidentified man driving the trash truck died after colliding with the other two vehicles. The cause of the accident has been identified as both high speeds and careless driving.

According to Star-Telegram “The trash truck clipped the tractor-trailer, which was eastbound on Mosier Valley, and then overturned. A dump truck going east on Mosier Valley then struck the overturned trash truck.”

Police tried to save the trash truck driver but he died after a couple of minutes. The other two drivers were slightly injured.

Important Information about Motor Vehicle Accidents in Arlington

According to the Department of Motor Vehicles in Virginia, are dozens of wrongful deaths of poeple invovled in motor vehicle accidents every year in Arlington:

  • There were 28 fatal accidents in Arlington in 2015.
  • 44 of these accidents involved vehicles
  • A total of 73 people were invovled in fatal accidents in Arlington. 


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