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Train Derailment Injures 32 People in Kansas

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Jonathan Hernandez2 years ago

CNN is reporting that at least 32 people were sent to the hospital on Monday after they were involved in an accident on an Amtrak train that was heading to Chicago from Los Angeles. The accident happened in rural Kansas, according to Amtrak.

Details about the Train Derailment

The train had a total of nine passenger cars, and five of them came off the tracks during the accident in Grey County, which is about 20 miles west of Dodge City, shortly after midnight.

Spokesman Craig Schulz of Amtrak indicated that there were no reports of life-threatening injuries as a result of the accident. The spokesman also said that local emergency responders were there to provide on-site assistance, and there were 11 passengers who were transported to Western Plains Hospital in Dodge City.

There was no word on the types of injuries sustained by those who were sent to the hospital.

There were a total of 108 passengers and 14 crew members on the train at the time of the accident, and they were taken to a 4-H recreation center, where the Red Cross and other relief agencies were there to provide assistance.

Amtrak has said that they are working to find alternate transportation for the destinations of the people who were on board the train at the time of the accident.  

Amtrak is also working with BNSF, which is the operator of the tracks where the accident happened in order to figure out what exactly was the cause of the accident.

The National Transportation Safety Board is scheduled to investigate the circumstances of the accident.

 Important Information about Train Derailments

According to the Operation lifesaver Rail Safety Education, there are hundreds of wrongful deaths every year associated with railroad accidents:

  • In 2014, there were a total of 857 reported injuries sustained in railroad accidents.
  • During the same year, there were 264 reported fatalities from railroad accidents.
  • A traveler is nearly 20 times more likely to die in an accident involving a train than in a collision with another motor vehicle. 


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