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Truck Driver Faces Multiple Charges

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Lilibeth Ramirez3 years ago

An Arkansas truck driver is facing several charges from in connection with a fatal June accident.

About the Arkansas Trucking Accident

According to THV 11, a Van Buren County truck driver identified as 39-year-old Jerry Hickman is facing several charges from an accident he caused in June. Hickman’s log truck reportedly lost its brakes and overturned before rolling down a hill and hitting a bridge.

An estimated 30 to 40 construction workers were caught in the line of the vehicle leaving two dead and 16 injured. A toxicology report revealed Hickman tested positive for methamphetamines at the time of the accident.

Hickman is charged with two counts of negligent homicide, 10 counts of first-degree battery, and six counts of second-degree battery.

Information About Drugs and Driving

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIH) provided the following data:

  • Men are more likely than women to drive under the influence of an illicit drug or alcohol.
  • 18 percent of fatally injured drivers tested positive for at least one illicit, prescription, or over-the-counter drug in 2009.
  • In 2012 an estimated 10.3 million people aged 12 or older reported driving under the influence of illicit drugs.
  • The effects of specific drugs of abuse differ depending on how they act in the brain, but all impair faculties necessary for the safe operation of a vehicle. These faculties include motor skills, balance and coordination, perception, attention, reaction time, and judgment.


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