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Trucker Stripped of License Following Fatal Accident

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Brooke Shroyer2 years ago

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reported Benjamin Scott Brewer, Kentucky-licensed truck driver, as a serious threat on the roadways after he killed six people on I-75 in an accident he caused on June 25 in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

About the Fatal Accident

According to reports, Brewer received a federal order to no longer drive commercial vehicles with commercial commerce after the accident he inflicted.

FMCSA announced that Brewer lied on his records-of-duty by reporting he was off duty from June 15th until June 25. However, Brewer was in fact driving on June 22nd, 23rd, and 24th. The trucking accident occurred on June 25.

In his job application, Brewer did not mention a crash in 2013 he was involved in and a speeding ticket 16-20 miles per hour over the speed limit. Brewer also failed a court-ordered drug test in May of 2015.

Driver’s Criminal Background

Times Free Press announced that Brewer was issued a warrant for arrest in Janesville, Wisconsin back in 2013 for trying to illegally fill a prescription at a Florida pain clinic and possessed four epilepsy pills found by police. Brewer never appeared for his court date, which issued the warrant.

The day before the trucking accident Brewer was involved in, he was pulled over for reckless driving in Florida. According to a Times Free Press report Brewer drove at least 400 miles.

Brewer was employed by Cool Runnings Express at the time of the accident and hauled refrigerated products. The Times Free Press report also found that Cool Runnings Express had a notorious background of safety issues concerning faulty brakes where trucks were taken off the roads and inspected.

Cool Runnings Express also misreported driver-logs in May of 2014 and also cited for violating these logs in June of 2014. The fatal accident in which Brewer killed six people on the roadway is not the only issue investigators are looking into.

Cool Runnings Express could be the other spotlight in the upcoming investigation which ultimately let the accident occur by letting an unlicensed trucker get away with driving on the roads.


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